Coconut Opener Tool
Coconut Opener Tool
Coconut Opener Tool
Coconut Opener Tool
Coconut Opener Tool
Coconut Opener Tool
Coconut Opener Tool

Coconut Opener Tool

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Are you ready to enjoy the meat and super-healthy coconut water whenever and however you like? The Coconut Opener Tool brings you the easiest and quickest way to open coconuts. 

Engineered to make your coconut opening process easy and effortless, the opener is super sharp and with superior shock-absorbent system.

Specifically designed for coconuts, the stainless steel construction is rugged and dishwasher safe. People of all ages and abilities can easily use our tools. 


Step 1. Hold the opener over the coconut.
Step 2. Turn coconut 360 degrees while gently tapping all the way around.
Step 3. When the shell is loosened, pull out the opener.
Step 4. Pull the coconut apart with hands. 


    • Best Coconut Opener:
      Experience a new coconut opener toolset designed to neatly make a larger hole in your coconut. You will be able to easily pour out the water, and easily get the coconut meat out of the coconut. 
    • Easy to Use:
      Using our coconut opener set is the easiest and fastest way to open a coconut. The special design of the tool is not challenging to use at all and makes the job easy and tireless even for women, teens, and the elderly.
    • Safe for All Ages:
      Say goodbye to crude ways of opening your coconut. No more knives, machetes, power drills, or hacking will be needed to get the refreshing coconut water out. 
    • Durable Material:
      Everything about our coconut opener is made to last for years. We used food-safe stainless steel metal for the coconut opening tool. 


    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Size: 27.5 x 6.3 x 3.6 cm


    • 1 x Coconut Opener Tool